jose vs john vs pierce brothers
Jose loves baseball and signed up for a coach membership, he gets 1000 credits a month.Jose joined as a hooters coach.
He meets with friends at hooters to play the game.he got notice of game of the day ,Hooters plays the game on their tv,jose brought his tablet to playSnap Craps live .jose signs into his acct on snapcraps.com,he is all set waiting on the game to start. Atlanta Braves are the default team for the region. today the game of the day is bravers vs yankees.game time jose feels lucky bets a chip on 3 runs in the inning, and achip on strike for first pitch.
first pitch is a called strike, jose won a credit ,jose bets a chip on ball second pitch was a stike jose lost a credit ,next jose bet on a fly out to left field and boom there it was jose won 20 credits
John loves Footballl and signed up for a player membership, he gets 500 credits a month.John plays on his android phone,He meets his friends at his favorite hooters to watch the game,he is high point man at end of quarter Hooters sent his table an order of wings and a pitcher.
John  is the hero and they start talking about forming a SnapCraps team to meet at their hooters for game of the day..They know the high team goes to hooters casino for the SnapCraps Superbowl which is the ncaa championship game.there they go head to head with other high point teams.If they win their sonsoring hooters get the 4 ft silver trophy to display for the year with the team name engraved and the team splits a million dollar prize and auto invitation to next years super bowl to compete
The Pierce brothers love sports joined as a Snap Craps team,get 2000 credits a month.As a team they compete against world wide snap craps teams.They are pretty well split on the sports 2 brothers football expert 2 brothers played semi pro baseball...Make a long storey short they are the high point team for their sponsoring hooters, get to vegas as top seed next seed is team from Columbia the casino has Snap craps tables set up ready to starteach team starts with 1500 chips, chip limit has increased to 5 chips per block instead of standard 1 chip per betting block.the Casino pitboss sets the odds adjustments with the x2 an x3 chips as well as no bet chips  ..