Here are the baseball Instructions:
Snapcraps baseball is a great way to have fun win and enjoy your favorite teams. The rules are simple; you place your chips on the board that has different odds depending on the outcome of the next pitch. If you guess what the next pitch is you win. It’s a whole new way to play and win. It combines the excitement of the traditional roulette game; With the fun of watching your favorite  team.  Gamble and bet on every play. Its fast-paced, exciting and its everything that you need to have fun. No more boring games all you need is to place your bet and wait for the next play to win.
Players select their favorite casino or sports bar to play for, players join 1 of 3 levels of membership. High point players for each sponsor are invited to compete in snapcraps super bowl which will be the NCAA championship game or a world series game.
Members are notified which games we are playing

There are some basic playing rules:
•         4 or more markers to make the winning blocks.
•         4 Black chips the dealer can place on any block at any time and that black chip blocks the play on that block.
•         3 X3 chips, 3 x2 chips and 3 X 5 these chips can be placed by the dealer anywhere at any time and they change the odds of that block.
•         And the ON/Off Button. the dealer clicks(flips) the button and it changes, when it is flipped off there are no changes on the board and no bets can be made.
So don’t just bet the old traditional way join us at snapcraps.com and enjoy yourself win and if you are good and go up in the ranking. You can even end up being one of the lucky few that can play for the big bucks. So what are you waiting for. JOIN TODAY!!